Primary Colors

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Once again, we find ourselves heading into the year’s election season with our primary unknown being…well our state’s Primary date.  While the rumors and chatter swirl of moving the date to June or August or even leaving it in September, there isn’t a shortage of stories about who wants the date when, and for what reason.

While here’s hoping the legislature will set the political calendar soon, here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare for the looming season:

Tip#1Get a List  If you’re a candidate, call your local Board of Elections and request an active voter list.  Many of those lists will also tell you which elections the active voters voted in, so it gives you a better idea of how engaged the voter is.

Tip#2Volunteer Team  Nothing is more critical than your political army.  While it’s important to work to get the support of local Republicans and your committee members, you cannot rely only on others.  You must build a core team to help you get on the ballot.  Make sure they’re registered in the Party that you’re seeking or they’re a notary public who can witness petition signatures. And DON’T forget to feed them!

Tip#3Set realistic goals  If you need 100 signatures, aim for 300.  It’s imperative that you know exactly how many signatures you have and how many you need.  Make sure you keep an eye on and record each signature, as you can positively ID that voter later on for use in your GOTV efforts.

Tip#4Review Your Signatures  This is the part of the discussion where I advise you to call a lawyer.  Not just any lawyer, but one who specializes in Election Law (Email: if you need one!!)  Even if they only come in for an hour to check out your petitions, it’s the best $300 you can spend… next to the aforementioned chow for your volunteers.

Tip#5Finishing Touches  Don’t forget the pagination, binding, labeling and cover sheet.  While I could take up the next few hours of your time arguing why our Election Law is archaic and in desperate need of an overhaul, I will just say this… Follow the law and your petitions will be rock solid.

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